Published Novels by Albert Vande Steeg

Read more below in order to find out what works Albert Vande Steeg has published and written which are about his experiences and the true stories - that he's heard during his time on the Ontario Police Force. Currently, Albert has just published and is selling the book called "The Canopy". Throughout his writing - Albert has clear compassion for what he and many other members of the Police Force are going through and wants others to understand what it means to take the oath "To Serve and Protect". 

For some background, Albert Vande Steeg was born in the Netherlands at the beginning of the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II. The next novel that he plans on writing will focus on those years of hunger, fear, and family tragedy, relating the stories of betrayal, and aiding the underground resistance in moving Jews and other refugees during this time. "The Dutch Winter" ends with the return of hope, the voyage across the North Atlantic in January, and eventual arrival in the haven of California where he and his family are able to escape Nazi-occupied Holland during WWII.

The Dutch Winter

This novel will grip your soul as you walk through the years of Nazis occupation of the Netherlands. The Dutch Winter is a journey inside the mind and heart of a young lad who experiences the loss of freedom, extreme hunger and the fear of death. The stalwartness of the Dutch and the strength of faith are evident as they struggle against and survive the Democratic Socialism of the Third Reich.

The Dutch Winter is a story that will make you cry and exult with joy. Your heart will exalt when you share in the victory over evil and read the tribute Herve’ Van Bemmel penned as a tribute to The Statue of Liberty.

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The Canopy

The Canopy is a cop bar like no other. Here Police Officers and Detectives share stories, heartaches, and dreams that they've had while working on the force and taking the pledge "To Serve and Protect"...

It is a safe place away from the harsh realities of working a patrol beat or investigating the cruelties of life. The Canopy is where cops go to unwind after stressful events or difficult days. Being there with like-minded and understanding hearts makes healing and hope possible. The Canopy is where this story, based on true events, unfolds.

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