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This novel will grip your soul as you walk through the years of Nazis occupation of the Netherlands. The Dutch Winter is a journey inside the mind and heart of a young lad who experiences the loss of freedom, extreme hunger and the fear of death. The stalwartness of the Dutch and the strength of faith are evident as they struggle against and survive the Democratic Socialism of the Third Reich.

The Dutch Winter is a story that will make you cry and exult with joy. Your heart will exalt when you share in the victory over evil and read the tribute Herve’ Van Bemmel penned as a tribute to The Statue of Liberty.

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What do you do when you see a huge man charge out of his house swinging a four-foot stick with a huge spike protruding from the end? You are there to serve a "misdemeanor failure" to appear with a warrant of arrest. That spike will ruin your day or take your life!

Do you draw your gun? You know the rule! Draw it only when you are going to use it... A gun is not used as a threat and you should only pull it out if you have the intent of using it.

Further, shooting someone over a twenty-five-dollar Warrant of Arrest is idiotic. A mature decision is required in this situation. No need to become macho. Just serve the warrant another time and at another place. Rest well tonight.

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