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"​Everything I know I learned."

Albert vande Steeg was born in the Netherlands during the early stages of the Nazi occupation of World War II. Suffering deprivation of food, freedom and justice in those formative years created a keen sense for justice, social development and humanitarian life style for all those in need or needing justice and a fair shake in life. The family immigrated to the United States and settled in California. There they prospered by working in farming and construction, owning and operating dairy and poultry farms. In the late 1950’s the family moved to Ontario, California where the author graduated from Chaffey High School. From there he worked at dairy farms until he was twenty when he learned the construction trades and rose to job superintendent in a few years. At age twenty five he ventured into law enforcement at the urging of a Chino Police officer and served nearly fourteen years;six years as a patrolman and seven years as a detective. During this time he was elected to the Police Officer’s Association and became president for seven years. His moniker became “Big Al the Policeman’s Pal.” The pressures of dealing with the politics and harassment by those who participated in corruption or attempted to cover it up caused colitis and eventually his leaving law enforcement. The author returned to the construction trade becoming a General Contractor and attainedlicenses in two specialty trades. He used these trades and concern for people to donate time to build for missionaries and people in need; answering the call where he could be of help. He now serves as Vice President of the Board for the Ontario Rotary Police Museum. His zest for life is reflected in one of his personal sayings, “everything I know I learned.”